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Energy Market AD has been an active participant in the electricity market in Bulgaria since 2005. The company has been issued a license with № L-194-15 / 28.11.2005 for "electricity trading", as well as a license for "coordinator of a standard balancing group" and a combined balancing group. The license has been extended until November 28, 2025.

Energy Market JSC

Holder of a quality certificate according to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard for all activities related to electricity trade.

Since 2013 Energy Market AD is a coordinator of a standard balancing group and provides its customers with forecasting and cost optimization for electricity, taking responsibility for balancing them. Since 2014, Energy Market AD is also the coordinator of a combined balancing group and offers the inclusion of producers of electricity from renewable energy sources (RES) and high-efficiency cogeneration (HPV). For 14 years of work in the market "Energy Market," JSC has gained the trust of about 2000 clients and partners in Bulgaria and abroad. The company provides its customers with competitive and stable prices, along with accurate and timely solutions for electricity supply. Energy Market JSC is the first company of licensed traders of electricity, which has met its individual energy targets savings, legally regulated and controlled by the Sustainable Agency energy development.


Guarantees of origin

Opportunity for assignment of "green certificates" ("Guarantee of origin") for part of the delivered amount of electricity - effective from 01.07.2018. This is an opportunity that benefits users who follow the principles of corporate social responsibility.

Energy Market AD can provide 100% "green" energy, which, in addition to supporting the production of energy from renewable sources, the consumer:

Environmentally friendly

Becomes part of the solution to the problem of pollution. The production of renewable electricity does not emit harmful pollutants into the air, water or soil. RES generation does not require extraction of fossil fuels.


It supports the creation of employment opportunities in the green jobs sector - a typical example here is the production of biogas and as a consequence the possibility of producing electricity from it. Sofiyska Voda has such a cogenerator and practically every water supply and sewerage company could reduce its costs by using precipitated energy sources. Also, the production of biogas in purely rural areas through the use of waste animal and plant raw materials is a practical solution for ensuring a higher standard of living outside urban areas and providing employment on the ground.


Supports the balance of payments - by using local, green electricity, reduces the cost of importing primary energy resources for conventional power plants - such as natural gas, brown / anthracite coal, nuclear fuel.


Guarantee of origin

The origin of electricity is certified by the Agency for Sustainable Energy Development (AUER), which issues guarantees of origin, in accordance with the energy law. "Guarantee of origin" is an electronic document that serves as proof to the end user (buyer for his own use) that a certain proportion or quantity of the energy supplied to him has been produced from renewable sources.


A guarantee of origin shall be issued to a producer for a standard energy quantity of 1 MWh, valid for a period of 12 months from the production of the unit of energy concerned and shall contain at least the following information:

The renewable source used for energy production
Start and end date of renewable energy production
Type of energy produced
Support schemes used
Date of putting the energy site into operation
Date and place of issue
Support schemes used
Unique identification number
Name, location, type and total installed capacity of the energy site where the energy was produced


Additional services

Introduction and maintenance of an energy management system

The Energy Management System (CMS) is introduced in order to measure and optimize the energy flows associated with the customer's sites. This system includes the installation of electrical meters that provide constant information on electricity consumption.

Additional services

Construction and monitoring of high and medium voltage substations

Our team of electrical engineers performs complete design, delivery and obtaining the necessary permits for the construction of high, medium and low voltage substations, as well as monitoring of the constructed facilities.