Implementation and support of an Energy Management System (EMS)

The communication of Energy Market with all its contractors is carried out through an energy management system. This EMS includes the installment of electrometers that collect energy data about the consumption of the client. The web-based system for controlled measurement gives you the benefits of:

  • real-time energy consumption display (updated every 15 minutes)
  • ensuring reliable information about your electricity consumption
  • online monitoring for the observance of scheduled energy consumption (by representatives of both Energy Market and the client company)
  • trend analysis of the measured data in a comprehensible graphic or tabulated form

With our long standing experience with the EMS, we are confident that it reduces the end price for electricity and helps our clients increase their productivity.

Technical equipment evaluation and energy audit

Energy Market carries out technical analysis of equipment and process audits. As a result we can offer you efficient solutions for the optimization of your energy spending.

Design, construction, and monitoring of electrical substations

Our team of electrical engineers carries out a comprehensive design, delivering and commissioning activities for the construction of HV/MV/LV substations along with monitoring services of the equipment.

Energy Market develops own capacities with which it ensures client’s long-term needs at guaranteed low prices.


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