External markets

The tendency for integration

The expansion of the Eastern European energy market was initiated with the Energy Community Treaty of 2005. The purpose of the treaty is to establish a European Energy community between the EU and South Eastern Europe in order to guarantee stable energy prices and continuous economic development and stability in the region. This goal calls for the design of a coherent regulatory and operational model of the Eastern and South Eastern European energy markets in order to promote their integration with the Central European market.

In its effort to optimize the energy market efficiency, the Energy community has established coordinated auctions for the trade of capacities that allow market participants to trade electrical energy across borders.

Regional integration

In order for the transition towards a pan-European electricity market to be carried out, market coupling on a regional level should be initiated first. The main characteristic of the regional integration process is the unification of the procedures for the trade of capacities and the trade of electricity services. The objective of regional market coupling is to improve service standards, efficiency and prices in energy markets as well as to ensure their sustainable development.

Energy Market as an active participant in the external markets

Since its establishment, Energy Market JSC trades with electricity in the international markets mainly with Centraland Eastern Europe. Main activities of the company include import and export of electrical energy through various platforms and energy exchanges, following the principle of bilateral trade.

Energy Market trades with base and peak electrical energy, concluding daily, weekly, monthly and annual contracts with its international partners. Daily trade contracts are done in the day-ahead market, where the seller and buyer negotiate all trade conditions one day before the purchase is realized.

Our employees possess expertise and long standing experience in international trade. Their deep market knowledge and effective prognosis allows for timely adaptation towards international market trends. All these factors contribute to the success of Energy Market JSC as a player on both domestic and international level.

Energy Market JSC has representative agencies in Macedonia, Turkey, Hungary, Poland, Slovakiaand Serbia.

Products and energy mix profiles

We offer a full portfolio of services for electricity trade in external markets that includes:

  • fixed price contracts
  • floating price-index contracts
  • flexible conditions for purchase and sale of electrical energy
  • energy mix with deviation – allows the client to claim necessary quantities for supply that vary within a certain deviation margin
  • hourly energy mix according to planned schedules – allows for supply that varies within each hour according to the client’s needs

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