Bulgarian market

How do we operate in the Bulgarian electricity market?

Energy market JSC is the first local company dealing on the electricity market that is establishedin whole with Bulgarian capital funds. The traded hourly charge has reached 800 MW, which makes us one of the largest electricity traders in the region. Our company works closely with the main producers of electrical energy in Bulgaria, including Kozloduy NPP, TPP Maritsa Iztok-2, TPP Maritsa Iztok-3.

Energy Market is a reliable supplier of electrical energy in the Bulgarian market. The company works with market leader companies from various sectors, while at the same time it tries to ensure mutual trust and valuable business relations with all of its clients and partners.

Since 2013 Energy Market is a “Coordinator of a standard balancing group” and offers its clients prognosis and optimization of their energy spending. We take responsibility for covering the client’s imbalances of electric energy consumption.

Since 2014, we are also a “Coordinator of a combined balancing group” and we offer accession to producers using renewable energy sources (RES) and highly efficient combined production (HECP). When RES and HECP choose to transfer their capacities to the balancing group of Energy Market, they are not restricted by their territorial position and concluded agreement for purchase.

We offer to producers the optimal production schedule in case of any restrictions from the Electricity System Operator (ESO). In this way, the client can enjoy additional revenue and to reduce losses from lowered production.

Energy Market JSC is a loyal partner on the free energy market that is ready to provide you with competitive and steady prices for the supply of electrical energy.

What does “liberalization of the electricity market” mean?

After the liberalization of the Bulgarian energy market in 2007 every end user that is connected on high, medium or low voltage and corresponds to the legal requirements can choose his energy supplier and negotiate with him price for delivery.

How to enter the free electricity market?

Energy Market JSC carries out the procedure for entering the free market on behalf of its clients. Тhe whole procedure takes about 1 month and requires the following documents:

  • letter of attorney
  • application for gaining access to the respective distributor’s network
  • declaration for joining the balancing group of Energy Market
  • certificate signifying no overdue liabilities
  • certificate for concluded contract for balancing or combined services

At the end of each month, the Electricity System Operator (ESO) publishes a list with all clients registered on the free market.

Advantages of the free electricity market

Registration on the free market lets you optimize your electricity expenses through a bilateral contract with your chosen supplier.

The liberalization of the market aims to achieve electricity price optimization and to improve the level of service, while stimulating a competitive market environment.

In the liberalized market, the processes of electricity production, trading and transport are separated. The creation of a Bulgarian power exchange is a necessary condition for the development of the free electricity market.

Balancing market and balancing groups

Consumers and traders of electricity enter into a contract after developing a prognosis of load profiles that are closest as possible to expected electricity consumption. Producers, on the other hand, generate the agreed quantities of electrical energy. Any imbalances of pre-claimed and actual consumed electrical energy are settled on the so-called balancing market.

Energy Market JSC is a coordinator of a standard balancing group that provides prognosis and balancing of the client’s electricity consumption. The company also covers part of the expenses for imbalances.

The balancing groups comprise users, producers and traders who jointly participate in the market for balancing energy, organized by the electricity system operator (ESO).

What happens if you don’t choose an electricity supplier?

If an end-user on medium or high voltage does not choose his trader in the free electricity market, he is automatically transferred to a supplier of last resort (SLR), whose prices are significantly higher.

Bulgarian Market

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