About us

1_imaged85c Energy Market JSC operates actively on the liberalized electricity market in Bulgaria since 2005. The company is licensed by the State Commission for Energy and Water Regulation (SCEWR) in accordance with the Bulgarian Energy Law. With a supplement to its license, Energy Market JSC is operating as a “Coordinator of a standard balancing group”. The company is also certified and successfully working within the international standards for quality management ISO 9001:2000 concerning all activities related to electricity trade.

Since our establishment we have gained the trust of more than 2000 clients and partners in Bulgaria and the region.

Our mission is to always give the adequate answers and face the challenges of the open electricity market in Bulgaria and the region. We want to provide our customers with the best solutions according to the requirements of the domestic energy market. Our main goal is to sustain high level of professionalism of services while looking after the best interests of our clients and suppliers.


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